Featured Plants

Below are some of our most popular plants. Availability of these plants and shrubs varies throughout the year, so please refer to our availability list or contact us for further information.

PTILOTUS JOEY - Ptilotus exaltus

Ptilotus exaltus ‘Joey’ (commonly known as Mulla Mulla) is a short lived, herbaceous plant, which flowers from summer through to winter. Native to the semi-arid parts of Australia, home gardeners can expect best results from this plant in drier climates. The unusual feathery flower of the Ptilotus is a real feature, making excellent cut flowers, or a decorative pot plant.

Ptilotus are heat and drought tolerant, and will also withstand frost once established. Plant in a sunny spot, and use a well-drained potting mix or sandy soil when planting. Fertilise throughout the growing season with liquid fertiliser for best results. Ptilotus is perfect for all kinds of spots in the garden such as in a courtyard, beside the pool or in a rockery.

DIPLADENIA RIO - Dipladenia x amoena

Native to South America, the Dipladenia is a tropical style plant closely related to the Mandevilla vine. Compared to the Mandevilla vine, the Dipladenia is more of a shrub, however the plant’s tendrils will hang down the sides of pots or spread over garden beds. A small stake or trellis can help keep an upright bushy shape if desired. Providing lots of summer colour, this plant has wonderful trumpet shaped flowers available in pink, red or white.

Dipladenia are relatively drought tolerant which means that they are perfect for planting in pots or in any sunny spot in the garden. When watering, allow the top soil to dry out between each watering. The Dipladenia will grow in semi shade, however will flower and flourish more in a sunny position. Plant into premium, well-draining potting mix and fertilise regularly for lots of flower growth.

SCAEVOLA – Scaevola aemula

A fantastic little native ground cover, Scaevola (commonly known as Fan Flower) is a very long lived perennial and is perfect for people looking for a low maintenance plant. Scaevola has lots of dense foliage, making it an effective cover for any garden bed or a delightful pot plant. The plant becomes covered in either blue, pink, or white flowers throughout the warmer months and in temperate climates it will even spot flower all year round. Scaevola is a very vigorous grower, is drought tolerant and will grow in almost any soil in any area, including coastal gardens.

Scaevola will tolerate light shade, but prefers a sunny position. Moderate watering and occasional application of a native fertiliser will keep the plant happy, as will a regular light prune to encourage new growth and more flowers.

GERBERA – Gerbera garvinea

These wonderfully colourful Gerberas have been bred to be the perfect outdoor flowering plant. Available in bright yellow, pink and orange, they can produce up to 100 blooms per plant over the course of the flowering season. They prefer warmer climates, but can withstand some cooler temperatures. They look fabulous in pots or a garden bed, and make an excellent cut flower.

Plant in a well-drained position in full sun to part shade and fertilise regularly. They have been bred to be resistant to most pests and diseases. Keep the surrounding soil weed free and the Gerbera will show its appreciation over and over again with its beautiful blooms.